Grapevine Downy Powdery Mildew Program
Updated 6/26/17      

Program is subject to change


DAY 1 – Monday, July 17, 2017
Start Time Activity
8:00 AM Registration and Poster Set-up, Continental Breakfast LaSells Stewart Center
8:30 AM Introduction to Day
8:45 AM Session 1: Disease Management 1
Raynal, Marc – Study of the Variability of Vineyard Sensitivity to the Main Fungal Diseases:   A priori Zoning of Physiological Behavior Units (PBU)
Diez-Navajas, Ana – Reducing the Number of Fungicide Treatments to Control Downy and Powdery Mildew
9:45 AM BREAK + Poster Viewing
10:00 AM Session 1: Disease Management 1, cont
Warneke, Brent – The Grape Powdery Mildew Conundrum: Fungicide Selection and Timing
Gadoury, David – Why Light Matters: Opportunities to Supress Powdery Mildews via Relationships that have Evolved Between the Pathogen and the Sun
Group Discssion on Disease Management 1
11:30 AM Session 2 – Breeding and Host Resistance
  Wiedemann-Merdinoglu, Sabine – INRA-ResDur: A French Grapevine Breeding Program for Durable Resistance to Downy and Powdery Mildew
  Group Discussion on Breeding and Host Resistance
12:15 PM Lunch + Poster Viewing
1:15 PM Session 3 – Fungicide Resistance
Hall, Barbara – Fungicide Resistance in Australian Viticulture
McKay, Suzanne – Incidence and Severity of QoI and DMI Fungicide Resistance of Erysiphe necator in Australia.
Group Discussion on Fungicide Resistance
2:45 PM BREAK + Poster Viewing
3:00 PM Session 4 – Plant-Microbe Interactions and Population Genetics
Scott, Eileen – Quantitative PCR, Fatty Acid Analysis and Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy for Assessment of Powdery Mildew on Grape Berries at Harvest
Taylor, Andrew – Assessment of the Genetic Diversity of Western Australian Plasmopara viticola Populations
Group Discussion on Plant-Microbe Interactions and Population Genetics
4:30 PM Discussion on Workshop Future Locations
5:00 PM Introduction to Oregon and Washington Viticulture
  Overview of Oregon Viticulture (Patty Skinkis – OSU Viticulture Extension Specialist)
  Overview of Washington Viticulture (Michelle Moyer – WSU Viticulture Extension Specialist)
5:45 PM Opening Reception and Light Refreshments
Introduction to the PNW region by the Oregon Wine Board and Washington Wine Commission. Sample regional wines and enjoy local appetizers
Day 2 – Tuesday July 18, 2017
Start Time Activity
8:00 AM Continental Breakfast – LaSells Stewart Center
8:30 AM Session 5 – Disease Management 2 – Decision Support Systems
Bleyer, Gottfried – Experiments to Optimize an Established Plant
Protection Strategy Against Grapevine Downy Mildew Based on the
Forecast Model "VitiMeteo Plasmopara"
Magarey, Peter – GrowCare: An Easy-Access Web-Based Tool to Alert
Australian Grape Growers to Better Manage Downy and Powdery Mildew
Caffi, Tito -Sustainable Management of Vineyards: The Experience of a
Large-Scale Application of a Web-Based Decision Support System
10:00 AM BREAK + Poster Viewing
10:15 AM Session 5 – Disease Management 2 – Decision Support Systems, cont
Carisse, Odille – Network of Airbornne Inoculum Monitoring for Informed
Grape Disease Management Decisions
Mahaffee, Walt – Assessing Transportability of Decision Support Systems –
Ascospore Release Prediction
Dubuis, Pierre-Henri – Contribution of the Swiss Agrometeo Platform to
the Reduction of Pesticides Use and Risks
Group Discussion on Disease Management 2-DSS
12:30 PM Lunch + Poster Viewing
1:30 PM Session 6- Epidemiology
Scott, Eileen – PMapp and Supporting Website: New Tools to Facilitate
Assessing Powdery Mildew on Grape Bunches
Caffi, Tito – A Process-Based Model for Downy Mildew Epidemics on
Partially-Resistant Grapevine
3:00 PM BREAK + Poster Viewing
3:30 PM Session 6- Epidemiology, cont
  Dubuis, Pierre-Henri – Downy Mildew Development in Field-Artificially
Infected Grape Bunches
  Mahaffee, Walt – Biophysical Modeling of Pathogen Dispersion
  Group Discussion on Epidemiology
4:45 PM Poster Reception
  Pscheidt, Jay – Occurrence of Grape Powdery and Downy Mildew in
Western Oregon
  Taylor, Andrew – Detection of Plasmopara viticola Oospores in Western
Australian Vineyards
  Hong, Cheng-Fang – Who Can Swim? A New Approach for Determining
Sporangia Viability of Plasmopara viticola
  Hong, Cheng-Fang – Epidemiology and population biology of grape downy
mildew (Plasmopara viticola) in vineyards in Georgia, USA
  Neill, Tara -Detection and Monitoring of Fungicide Resistance in Oregon,
Washington, and California Erysiphe necator Populations
5:45 PM Rest + Refresh
6:30 PM Dinner at Avery Park – BBQ and Volleyball
Day 3 – Wednesday July 19, 2017
Start Time Activity
7:15 AM Continental Breakfast – LaSells Stewart Center
7:30 AM Load Bus for Vineyard Tours
8:30 AM Vineyard Tours
6:30 PM Small Dinner during Tour
9:30 PM Return to Hotel